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Children are entitled to access 4 terms (1 year) of government preschool in the year before they start school.  Regardless of whether your child starts at the beginning of the year or through a mid-year intake, they will undertake 4 terms of preschool.

Term 1 intake

Children who will turn four prior to 1st May are eligible to begin full-time Kindergarten at the beginning of term 1 of that year.  However, they do not have to start Kindergarten at this time. Parents may choose to delay their child's start until the mid-year intake, or term 1 of the following year. If you are unsure when to start your child at preschool, please arrange a time to speak to one of the director for advice.   

Mid-year intake 

From 2023, children who will turn four on or after 1st May to the 31st October can start preschool through the mid-year intake at the start of term 3 of that year.  These children will do four terms of preschool and six terms of reception at school.
Parents may choose to defer their child's preschool start date to term 1 of the following year (four terms of preschool, four terms of reception). Children who turn 4 years after 31 October will be eligible to commence preschool at the start of the following year. 

Early entry to preschool

Aboriginal children and children in care can start after they turn 3. If your child identifies as Aboriginal or if your child is or has been in care, they’re eligible for 12 hours of preschool a week after they turn 3. They will then be eligible for 15 hours per week of preschool in the year before they start school.  

If you have a child with a disability or additional needs, they might be able to start preschool earlier if there are places available in the current preschool program.   

Your child may be eligible for extra support at preschool. Contact the director to discuss if your child is eligible for the statewide Preschool Support program.  

Immunisation requirements before starting preschool

Children cannot be enrolled in or attend preschool unless all immunisation requirements are met (No Jab, No Play).  Early childhood services immunisation requirements has more information.

Further information about enrolling at preschool/kindergarten can be found on the Department for Education website

Enrolment process and timelines

Families who are interested in their child attending our Kindergarten will first need to complete and return a Registration of Interest form. Please note on the form which days you would prefer your child to attend - we offer a Monday & Tuesday group, OR a Wednesday & Thursday group.  

Registration of interest form   

For term 1 2023 enrolments, families of children who reside in our catchment area will be emailed an enrolment offer in early August (first round offers).   Second round offers will be emailed to all other registered families in early September according to our priority of access policy 
Enrolment forms, an acceptance letter and term 4 transition information will be included in the email. 
For term 3 2023 enrolments, we are awaiting advice from the Department regarding timelines of enrolment offers. 
Click here to find out if you live in our catchment area. 

Please call us to arrange a visit! We look forward to meeting you and your child soon.


We strongly believe that all children and families benefit from a supportive, tailored transition to Kindergarten. We aim to provide this by encouraging families and children to attend our playgroup, formal and informal transition visits and parent information sessions.  We work in partnership with children's families to ensure that each child develops a strong sense of belonging.  

Complimentary transition visits are held over four Fridays towards the end of term 4. We encourage all children to attend the visits to get to know other children, educators and the kindergarten learning spaces. We are happy to discuss alternate arrangements for transition if necessary. 

Need Out of (pre)School Hours Care?

If you require Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) please contact the Aldgate Primary School OSHC director directly on 0411 127 481. OSHC is available for before and after Kindergarten. As the OSHC is managed by the Aldgate Primary School, a separate enrolment form will need to be completed.
Aldgate Primary School OSHC enrolment form