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Habitats sign

We are hopeful that some Southern Brown Bandicoots may call our Wirra their home (or at least show us signs that they've visited on their way along the Bandicoot Trail!) Each year we take the children for several walks through parts of the Aldgate Valley reserve to look for bandicoot diggings. You might like to explore the Nature Walk sometime too! 

Aldgate Valley Nature Walk (Bandicoot Trail)

This is one of the reasons why we work so hard to preserve this patch of native vegetation!  
Have you ever wondered what bandicoot diggings might look like? Here's some information:
Dig this! 

The Southern Brown Bandicoot is a nationally endangered species found in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Its survival relies on protecting and restoring habitat.

Bandicoot habitat restoration 

What native species of animals do you think might live in your neighbourhood or your own backyard? Is there anything you could do to restore their habitats?